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Dark Resonance Movie Trailer

Dark Resonance MovieHere’s the official trailer of Dark Resonance, the drama science-fiction movie directed by Jerry Keys based on a script he co-wrote with Angela Dubois and starring Muse Watson, Joseph Gray, Lacy Camp, Vanessa Ore, Dervin Gilbert, Jeremy Carr, Lisa Sain Odom, Gina Travis, Cara Dougherty, Catherine Trail, Graham Hunt, Lawson Cross, Mike O’Neil, Della Porter, Katie Capelli, Violet Beaty, and Jordan Wiebler:

Plot synopsis:
“Friends since childhood, Eric, Dana and Frank have insatiable curiosity about the unknown driving them to experimentation in paranormal. This ultimately leads to an incident that so frightens and overwhelms them it causes a twelve-year rift in their relationship. Now after finding new evidence, the three reunite. It’s time to finish their work and put an end to unanswered questions.”

There’s also a film poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Dark Resonance Movie Poster

The film was first released in 2016, but it has since been picked up by Cardinal XD, so I guess we may expect a re-release.