Daylight’s End

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Daylight’s End Movie trailer

Daylight's End movieYou may watch below the official trailer of Daylight’s End, the upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie action movie directed by William Kaufman based on a script by Chad Law and starring Johnny Strong, Lance Henriksen, and Krzysztof Soszynski:

Plot synopsis:
“Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood-hungry creatures, a rogue drifter on a vengeful hunt stumbles across a band of survivors in an abandoned police station and reluctantly agrees to try to help them defend themselves and escape to the sanctuary they so desperately need.”

There are also three posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

Would you want to live in a world with hungry zombies roaming the streets?

The release date of the movie Daylight’s End is set to August 26, 2016.

Update – A preview clip from the film:

Daylight’s End – Jail attack.