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The movie Death Race: trailer, clips, photos, soundtrack, news and much more!

Death Race Red Band Clips

Death Race Movie

Two restricted preview clips have shown up for Death Race. You may watch them at:

Death Race Restricted Clips

This dreadnought is a hell of a machine!

Death Race Restricted Trailer

Death Race

Here below the latest red band trailer of Death race:

Death Race Red Band Trailer

There is a man being beheaded at the end of this restricted trailer: how awful! Don’t bring your children if you go watch Death Race.

Death Race Preview

Death Race Movie

Six preview clips of Death Race, upcoming science-fiction movie directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, are available at:

Death Race Preview Clips

Why is Jason Statham always surrounded by women as gorgeous as Nathalie Martinez?

Death Race Jason Statham Nathalie Martinez and The Racing Car

A new Death Race poster has been unveiled. It features the English beast Jason Statham, the bomba latina Nathalie Martinez and a terrific racing car:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Death Race MovieDeath Race Poster

At long last the marketing team is putting the gorgeous Nathalie Martinez in front! She looks much better than the bald Jason Statha. She is so sexy!

Death Race First Official Poster

Death Race with Jason StathamA first official poster has been unveiled for Death Race

Death Race Poster

In this movie Jason Statham has to race to save his life. I heard that he really appreciated driving like crazy and is eying a real race to verify his skills against experienced racers.

Death Race Trailer

Death RaceThe official trailer of Death is now available at:

Death Race First Official Trailer

The gorgeous sexy woman near Jason Statham on th picture is Nathalie Martinez.
God she’s hot! If I was Jason Statham I would rather stay in jail with such a lovely inmate!

Death Race New Pictures

Nathalie Martinez - Death RaceThis bomba latina is Nathalie Martinez, a Cuban-American actress and model.
Jason Statham is a lucky bastard to have her with him in the cast with of Death Race!
Mamma Mia!

New pictures of Death Race, upcoming sci fi movie remake starring Jason Statham (The Bank Job), have been released:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Much more at: Death Race

So much rust in this wasteland: could but spur crazy murderous behaviours among the inmate racers forced to take part to the Death Race…

Death Race vs Death Race 2000

Death Race 2000 PosterJason Statham latest movie, Death Race, is actually a remake of a movie dating back to 1975 that starred Sylvester Stallone.

Learn more about Death Race 2000, the original Death Race movie at:

Death Race Is A Remake

I recommend to have a look to the clip Euthanasia: it’s a quite special way to proceed…

Death Race Car Battle

Imagine a carceral universe allowing car battles, not a race but a real showdown, with cars looking like coming from Doomsday or Mad Max: that’s Death Race, an upcoming science fiction movie starring Jason Statham.

A new picture of Death Race has recently been unveiled through Empire Magazine. Here it is:
(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Death Race Car Battle
Death Race Pictures

I first thought Death Race was a movie featuring some kind of futuristic Nascar. But can’t compare: Nascar is a game for teens compared to the destructive and deadly battles of Death Race…

Death Race

Death race
Action/Science Fiction/Thriller
Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson
Starring Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane, Nathalie Martinez
Release Date: August 22, 2008

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