Dolphin Kick

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Dolphin Kick Movie

A first official teaser poster for Dolphin kick, the upcoming adventure movie directed by Philip Marlatt based on a script he co-wrote with Travis McCoy and Jordan Pedreira:

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Dolphin Kick Movie Poster

Plot synopsis:
“A talented competitive swimmer, 10 year-old Luke (Axle McCoy) has lost his passion for the water after a tragic loss. During a much-needed family getaway to a gorgeous resort in The Bahamas he meets a curious and friendly Dolphin that’s been displaced by his pod. Their time together transforms both their lives and creates a bond that will last forever.”

And two pictures from the film:

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Dolphin Kick Movie PictureAxle McCoy Dolphin Kick Movie

Is that dolphin related to Flipper?

The cast includes Tyler Jade Nixon, Axle McCoy, Travis McCoy, Maya Simmons, DeVaughn Gow, Alexis Louder, Quddus Newton, Tim Ogletree, LaVaughan Hamilton, Tomii Culmer, Jordan Pedreira, Erin Reign, amd Matthew Scott Miller.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Dolphin Kick.