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Doomsday Second Mini Spot

Just found a second mini spot of Doomsday:

More clips at: Doomsday Mini Spots

Don’t miss this movie: it’s gonna blow you away!

Doomsday Hour of Darkness Spot

The official release of Doomsday is this Friday. Promotion of the movie has been in full gear since a few days.

An interesting mini spot was running along the web promotion:

Doomsday Mini spot

Look at the motobike! Not sure it’s a Harley Davidson though…

Doomsday Game

Want to shoot some punks from Doomsday? Well you won’t be able to tease Viper, but still, you can shoot some neo-barbarian punks!

Prepare your guns and your bullets and let’s go:

Doomsday 3D Game

I did enjoy playing this game! Am I dumb? Probably a little bit…

Doomsday International Poster

An international poster is now available for Doomsday:

Doomsday International Poster
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Doomsday, a dynamite movie, that made a family movie of Mad Max!

Doomsday 4 New TV Spots

Four more TV spots for Doomsday:


Ready 15


Ready 30

Doomsday TV Spots

Let’s hope the future won’t be as dark as in this movie…

Doomsday Human Barbecue

Doomsday is going to be hyper violent!

Watch this restricted clip below to judge by yourself:
(really, should think twice before watching: it may hurt some sensitive souls…)

Doomsday Human barbecue

More preview clips on Doomsday Restricted Preview

Mad Max was a family movie compared to Doomsday…

NB: the video is directly linked from Doomsday official site.

Doomsday New TV Spots

Doomsday is an upcoming science-fiction movie. It was written and directed by Neil Marshall. Rhona Mitra and Bob Hoskins are the main actors.

Two TV Spots have surfaced:

Doomsday TV Spots

A man is born neither bad nor good: but one should always strive to stay human…

Doomsday New Preview

A new preview clip for Doomsday. If you like to watch girls fighting that’s definitely for you:

Doomsday Preview Clip

Are you going to bet?

Doomsday Preview

If you want to understand why some clips are restricted, well, should have a look to those Doomsday preview clips:

Doomsday Restricted Preview Clips

May God spare us from such deadly plague! And my mankind be wise enough not to fall back into such mad darkness…

Doomsday Intro Clip

This short intro clip for Doomsday is like dynamite!

Doomsday Intro Spot

Those punks look so crazy…


Doomsday PosterDoomsday
Directed by Neil Marshall
Starring Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Malcom McDowell
Release Date: March 14, 2008

More Information at: