Emily and Tim

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Emily and Tim Movie trailer

Emily and Tim movieYou may watch below the official trailer of Emily and Tim, the upcoming drama movie directed by
Eric Weber and Sean Devaney based on a script by Eric Weber and starring Zosia Mamet, Thomas Mann, Kal Penn, Alexis Bledel, Cara Buono, Dominic Fumusa,Malcom Gets, David Pittu, Andre Braugher, Phylicia Rashad, Louis Zorich, and Olympia Dukakis:


This is the story of one couple from the night they meet to their twilight,
and everything that comes between.

We’re all Emily. We’re all Tim.

Plot synopsis:
“A look at the tumultuous marriage of Tim and Emily Hanratty over half a century.”

Two posters of the film:

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A cute story, isn’t it? Will you give it a try?

No official release date yet.