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Fatima Movie

A first official look at Fatima, the upcoming drama movie directed by Marco Pontecorvo based on a script he co-wrote with Valerio D’Annunzio and Barbara Nicolosi and starring Harvey Keitel, Goran Visnjic, Sônia Braga, Joaquim de Almeida, Lúcia Moniz, Stephanie Gil, Joana Ribeiro, Alba Baptista, Ana Moreira, Marco D’Almeida, Simão Cayatte, Dinarte de Freitas, João Arrais, Carla Chambel, Alejandra Howard, Gabrielle Fleck, Catarina Mira, Margarida Cardeal, Filipa Areosa, Ivo Alexandre, Madalena Aragão, and Jorge Lamelas:

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Fatima Movie

Plot synopsis:
“A powerful and uplifting drama about the power of faith, Fatima tells the story of a 10-year old shepherd and her two young cousins in Fátima, Portugal, who report seeing visions of the Virgin Mary. Their revelations inspire believers but anger officials of both the Church and the secular government, who try to force them to recant their story. As word of their prophecy spreads, tens of thousands of religious pilgrims flock to the site in hopes of witnessing a miracle. What they experience will change their lives forever.
The story of Fatima is set during World War I in Portugal, on the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution, at the onset of what would become the most tumultuous century in man’s history.
By 1916, Europe was a continent ravaged by war. The horror of the trenches unleashed the deadly influenza pandemic. The industrial revolution dumped soot and waste into the outskirts of the cities. Nietzsche’s diatribe, ‘God is dead!’ instigated brutal ideologies to dominate and coerce the masses. Once the flower of culture and Christendom, this Europe was broken by illness, poverty, violence and hate.
The age had brilliant scientists like Edison, Carver, Curie and Einstein; unparalleled artists like Tchaikovsky, Picasso and Fitzgerald; a new generation of visionary statesman like Roosevelt and Churchill; and saints like Pius X, Therese of Lisieux, and Don Bosco gained global attention as they interceded with love and insight for a world caught in a conflict of the highest stakes.
But when heaven sought emissaries to call for peace in the world, it chose none of these. Instead, three illiterate, impoverished children from rural Portugal were asked to make the ultimate sacrifice, and spread heaven’s message of peace to the world. Lucia Santos, aged 10, and her two cousins Francisco and Jacinta Martos, ages 7 and 8, accepted the challenge, and their ultimate fate.
Mary, the Mother of God, appeared six times to these children in Fatima, Portugal between May and October 1917. She told them that she had been sent by God with a message of prayer and penance to achieve peace in the world, and promised that Heaven would show a ‘Great Sign’ so that people would believe.
On October 13th 1917, a supernatural event known as the ‘Miracle of the Sun’ was witnessed by over 70,000 people who had congregated in the area. Among the crowd were many journalists, scientists and other ‘rationalists’ who documented the event, the healings, and the many conversions to God.”

Have you ever heard about Our Lady of Fátima? Cute fairy tale!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Fatima.

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