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First Born Movie Trailer

First Born MovieCheck out this international trailer of First Born, the upcoming horror movie directed by Nirpal Bhogal based on a script he co-wrote with Sean Hogan and starring Antonia Thomas, Jonathan Hyde, Luke Norris, Lucy Chappell, Eileen Davies, and Georgie Smith:

Plot synopsis:
“When two young parents discover their daughter is a magnet for the supernatural, their lives are turned upside down in their bid to protect her.
Little Thea’s arrival brings with it terrifying entities that threaten her parents Charlie and James’ newly formed family. Panic-stricken they turn to Elizabeth, an occult practitioner of great power, who teaches Thea to control rather than be afraid of the dark forces around her. But Charlie sees her daughter is changing; Thea’s newfound confidence unleashes something far more malevolent and terrifying than they have ever encountered.
An evocative horror story that takes as its inspiration from the seminal horror films of the 1970s. A chilling insight into the sacrifices we make when we bring a new life into this world.”

The first months, or rather the first years with a baby can feel like hell indeed, lol!

There are also two posters, take a look below:

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A blessing to some is a curse to others.

A film by Nirpal Bhogal.

The film has yet to get an official US release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie First Born.