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Frost vs Nixon: a clash of wits!

A few pictures from Frost Nixon, the upcoming movie directed by Ron Howard, are available at:

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Frost was lucky to be in the USA during the interview: I heard that nowadays in Thailand TV reporters get punched in the face if they ask too many questions to politicians…

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Frost vs Nixon

You may check the movie posters of Frost Nixon at:

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We need a guy like Frost to move the two current Presidential candidates! The more I listen to them during debates the more I see hypocrisy in their behaviors…

Frost Nixon Movie Trailer

The first trailer of Frost/Nixon, upcoming drama directed by Ron Howard and adapted from the play of the same name by Peter Morgan, has shown up:

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This interview between Frost and Nixon was like a chess game: in the duel they try to outsmart each other!

Frost Nixon

Frost/Nixon MovieFrost/Nixon
Directed by Ron Howard
Starring Frank Langella, Michael Sheen
More details at: Frost Nixon Trailer
release date: December 5, 2008