Ghosthunters on Icy Trails

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Ghosthunters on Icy Trails Movie trailer

Ghosthunters on Icy Trails movieHere’s the official trailer of Ghosthunters on Icy Trails, the upcoming fantasy family comedy movie directed by Tobi Bauman and starring Milo Parker, Anke Engelke, and Christian Tramitz:

Plot synopsis:
“repare for a scare with slimy Hugo, a friendly yet ‘eerie-tating’ ghost who escapes from his haunted house. Frightened from the evil ice ghost, Hugo teams up with a fearful young boy named Tony. Together, the daring duo must hunt down the wicked spirits before their hometown becomes a ghost town!”

And a few posters:

(Click on a picture to enlarge.)

Would you want the slimy ghost Hugo to be your friend?

The release date of Ghosthunters on Icy Trails is set to July 1, 2016 (on iTunes).