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The Legend of Hallowaiian Movie Trailer

The Legend Of Hallowaiian MovieThanks to Viva Pictures and DirecTV here’s the first official trailer of Hallowaiian aka The Legend of Hallowaiian, the upcoming CG animated adventure movie directed by Sean Patrick O’Reilly and featuring the voices of Vanessa Williams, Noah Schnapp, Tia Carrere, Mark Dacascos, Teilor Grubb, Kiefer O’Reilly, and Mark Hamill:

Plot synopsis:
“It is Hallowaiian on the Big Island of Hawaii, so excitement and mischief are in the air. Three young friends, Kai, Eddie and Leilani uncover a mysterious idol in a secret cave whilst catching some waves at sunset. They quickly uncover that they’ve unleashed an ancient evil upon the island in the form of a giant pineapple headed monster. The kids find help in some mystical friends and discover that in order to vanquish the evil, Kai must uncover his heritage, and believe the ancient stories of his ancestors.”

Beware Pineapple Head, he’s definitely not friendly!

Anyway, there are also two new posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

The Legend of HallowaiianHallowaiian Teaser

Let the adventure begin!

The release date of the movie is set to:
– on DIRECTV: September 20, 2018
– in select theaters and On Demand: October 18, 2018.

Hallowaiian Movie

Take a look to the first official poster of Hallowaiian Adventure Hawaii, the upcoming animated adventure movie directed by Sean Patrick O’Reilly based on a script by David Swift, Scott Owen and Stephen Meier:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Hallowaiian Adventure Hawaii Post

Let the adventure begin…

Plot synopsis:
“Three friends must use local legends to restore peace to their home after releasing a mythical monster – The Pineapplehead!
In the vein of The Goonies, E.T. and Jurassic Park, HALLOWAIIAN: ADVENTURE HAWAII follows three kids who must put their differences aside to save the island from a monster thought only to live in legends. Kai, Leilani, Eddie and the Menehune, Hawaii’s mischievous creatures, must band together to stop the monster they have mistakenly awoken. Facing great dangers along the way, the kids realize the true meaning of courage, friendship and tradition.

There’s also a promo picture:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Hallowaiian Movie

The voice cast includes Teilor Grubbs, Mark Dacascos, Tia Carerre, and Kiefer O’Reilly.

Do you like pineapple? Have you ever carved your own pineapple Jack-o’-lantern for Halloween?

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Hallowaiian Adventure Hawaii.