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Hamlet 2 Pictures Of The Sequel To William Shakespeare Masterpiece

Jesus Christ in Hamlet 2Do you know your classics? Remember Hamlet 2 by William Shakespeare? Well, exclusive news, a sequel has just been written!

Check pictures of Hamlet 2, upcoming comedy starring Steve Coogan at:

Hamlet 2 Pictures

This sequel is much better than the first original opus actually: William Shakespeare cannot compete with a great idea like Jesus Christ coming through a time machine and singing a rock song!

Hamlet 2 Official Poster

TrThis poster of Hamlet 2 is rather kitsch. Check its details in full size at:

Hamlet 2 Poster

Atcually it is as irreverent as the movie Hamlet 2 itself. Steve Coogan is halarious in this comedy.

Hamlet 2 PG-13 Trailer

Hamlet 2You may watch the PG13 trailer of Hamlet 2, upcoming comedy movie starring Steve Coogan, at:

Hamlet 2 Official Trailer

Hamlet 2 is about an unsuccessful actor who becomes drama teacher and tries to set up a quite irreverent play, which claims to be a sequel to Hamlet by Williams Shakespeare.

Hilarious comedy!

Hamlet 2 Restricted Trailer

Steve Coogan in Hamlet 2Have a look to the hilarious restricted trailer of Hamlet 2, upcoming comedy starring Steve Coogan, at:

Hamlet 2 Red Band Trailer

Hamlet 2 is a quite irreverent comedy: I love it! And Steve Coogan is so funny.

Hamlet 2 Preview

Hamlet 2Pam Brady who was co-writer of South Park has worked with Andy Fleming on a script for the cinema. The result is Hamlet 2, a hilariously irreverent comedy that should be released in August 2008.

Watch quite a few preview clips of Hamlet 2 at:

Hamlet 2 Preview Clips

I really did not understate the movie when I said it was hilariously irreverent:

Rock me sexy Jesus.

You’d never have thought about such a sequel to Williams Shakespeare’s Hamlet! Jesus is portrayed as rock star and the play writtend by the teacher in the movie makes use of a time machine! Completely crazy!

Hamlet 2

Hamlet 2 PosterHamlet 2
Directed by Andy Fleming
Starring Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, Amy Poehler, David Arquette
Release Date: August 22, 2008

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