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Hancock 2 Movie

Hancock II MovieDirector Peter Berg who was in charge of the first Hancock movie has been talking about the possible movie sequel to Hancock:

“There might be another god out there. Might be another one.
They like to fast-track it, but Will’s busy, I’m pretty busy. We’re excited to do one, but we want the script to be right and the movie to be right. We don’t feel a burning imperative to go right back into it.”

Director Peter Berg

This sounds like a real sequel, but I guess there will be a few flashbacks showing us the origins of those mighty beings, and how they came to Earth.

I enjoyed watching Hancock. Some critics may have been harsh on this film, but I still think that Will Smith’s performance was great. So I would be glad to see the release of a Hancock 2 movie in a not too distant future.

Hancock 2 – Hancock Sequel

Will Smith Hancock 2

Even if the critics bashed Will Smith’s Hancock I did appreciate the movie, and I’m not alone: box office earnings at $228 million are a proof. So I am very glad to hear via Joblo that Will Smith is considering a sequel to Hancock.

Hancock Movie

Will Smith precises his interest in Hancock 2 saying that “there were a lot of unexplored characters in the HANCOCK universe that would be ripe for a sequel”. And I can but agree: we don’t really know where those God-like heroes come from. There is still room for developing a new story around Hancock.

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But the movie Hancock 2 is not for tomorrow: Will Smith recognizes that a few years should elapse before the release of Hancok 2.

I’ll be there for Hancock II!

Hancock 2

Hancock 2 MovieHancock 2
Directed by: ?
Starring: Will Smith
Release Date: TBA 2012 ?

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