Hara Kiri

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Hara Kiri Movie trailer

Hara Kiri movieYou may watch below the official trailer of Hara Kiri, the upcoming drama movie written and directed by Henry Alberto and starring Ruth Connell, Mojean Ari, Emilie Germain, Jamie Nocher, Jesse Pimentel, Natalie Camunas, and Enoc Aguado:

Plot synopsis:
“When August suggests a suicide pact to his lover Beto, the skater soul mates emerge to defiantly ride through one final Los Angeles day punctuated by moments of lyricism, chaos, and contention. How far can love take you? To the very end? On their final night, August and Beto will discover an unpredictable environment and a unique cast of characters as they skate toward a certain end. As dawn rises on their final morning, the only question remaining will be…who ends it first?”

Here’s the film poster:

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They’re gonna end it.

Well, they’re free to perform Seppuku, but there are less painful ways to part with life than the old Japanese way, just saying…

The release date of the movie Hara Kiri is set tto November 8, 2016 (on VOD and DVD).