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Henry Poole Preview Clip

Henry PooleHenry Poole is a real depressive, but one can undesrtand why: he has been told by his doctor that he is gonna die quite soon…

So Henry Poole has decided to live alone, but his neighbor are of the curious kind. Watch the first preview clip of henry Poole Is Here at:

Henry Poole Is Here Preview Clip

What about your neighbors? Are they as inquisitive as the woman in the clip?

Henry Poole Pictures

Henry Poole will see a miracle in his life!Two pictures of Henry Poole is here at:

Henry Poole Is Here Pictures

Luke Wilson who plays the role of Henry Poole is kind of handsome even if not that smart…

Henry Poole Official Poster

Henry Poole just learned that he is going to die. Not that easy to cope with… Henry decides to live his last day alone, far from his family and breaks up with his girlfriend. But the new home he settles in has a really special backyard…

Here below the official poster of Henry Poole Is here:
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henry Poole Official PosterHenry Poole Is Here Poster

Check your backyard: you may find God over there…

Henry Poole Trailer

Henry Poole Is HereWatch the trailer of Henry Poole Is here at:

Henry Poole Is Here Official Trailer

This upcoming comedy is starring Luke Wilson and Radha Mitchell.

Henry Poole Is Here

Henry Poole Is Here PosterHenry Poole Is Here
Directed by Mark Pellington
Starring Luke Wilson, Radha Mitchell, George Lopez, Morgan Lily
Release Date: August 15, 2008

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