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Hostage Movie

Two teaser posters for Hostage (aka Repercussion), the upcoming thriller movie directed by John Langridge based on a script by David Hartshorn:

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Wrong place. Wrong time.

Plot synopsis:
“After a robbery goes wrong, Joe, a small-time crook with a debt to pay, kidnaps Charlotte and forces her at gunpoint to drive him to a small farming village on the Scottish coast. Unfortunately for Joe, Charlotte isn’t quite as she seems and the three large suitcases in the boot of her car don’t just contain clothes.
As the pair tear across the country, they cross paths with Charlotte’s brother-in-law, Doug, a brooding hulk of a man, and a policeman to boot. He’s searching for Charlotte because he wants to know what happened to his brother, Charlotte’s husband, who is now missing. After a brief altercation, Joe kidnaps Doug, then decides to drop him in a skip to be rescued later.
The pair continue their journey, but as they do, Joe discovers that Charlotte isn’t quite the damsel in distress he thought she was.”

You know the old saying, be careful who you kidnap, she may come with baggage… lol!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Hostage.