Hotel of the Damned

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Hotel of the Damned Movie trailer

Hotel Of The Damned Horror MovieHere’s the official trailer of Hotel of the Damned, the upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Bobby Barbacioru based on a script by Luca Bercovici and Paul Petcu and starring Louis Mandylor, Peter Dobson, Bogdan Marhodin, Roxana Luca, Manuela Harabor, Natalia Mateut, and Florin Kevorkian:

Plot synopsis:
“After a near fatal car accident, and stranded in the middle of nowhere, a group of travelers find themselves in an abandoned hotel deep in the Carpathian Mountains. Their bad luck becomes a nightmare when they discover that in the cavernous remains of the hotel live a race of sub-human cannibalistic creatures.”

And a few posters:

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You can check in…
but you can’t check out.

You should really think twice before booking in this hotel!

The release date of the movie Hotel of the Damned is set to December 6, 2016 (on VOD).