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Instant Death Movie trailer

Instant Death MovieCheck out the official trailer of Instant Death, the upcoming action crime movie directed by Ara Paiaya based on a script by Adam Davidson and starring Lou Ferrigno (yep, the Hulk!), Jerry Anderson, Tania Staite, Jade Fearon, Levi James, Jason Bailey, Angus Brown, Michael James MacMahon, Sophie Wembridge, Craig Malpass, Tony Banham, John Chapman, and Steve Speak:

Plot synopsis:
“An action thriller set among the seedy underbelly of English organised crime. Set in the midst of a vicious gang war for drug dominance retired Special Forces veteran John Bradley (Lou Ferrigno) who is trying to adjust to normal life leaves his home in New York and visits England in an attempt to rekindle his relationship with his estranged daughter. Haunted by inner demons of a violent past John hopes to make a fresh start and make up for lost time with his granddaughter. However during his visit John witnesses a murder and kills two thugs in the process of escaping. The gang come back looking for John but find his family instead and their retribution on his last connection to humanity leads to a descent of fury and violence that not even the brutality of gangland is prepared for. Instant Death is the story of a one man who becomes a killing machine after his granddaughter is murdered and his daughter is beaten and sexually assaulted during a home invasion. Now living only for vengeance John Bradley will exact his own brand of justice Instant Death.”

Damn Lou Ferrigno is still fit like hell: I guess the effects of gamma rays are lifelong, he will forever be the Hulk!

Here’s the DVD cover:

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Revenge is an understatement.

The release date of the movie Instant Death is set to May 2, 2017.

Stay tuned with us for more details.