Interstellar Civil War

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Interstellar Civil War Movie Trailer

Interstellar Civil WarHere’s the official trailer of Interstellar Civil War, the upcoming directed by Albert Pyun based on a script he co-wrote with Cynthia Curnan and starring Brad Thornton, Ellie Church, Kelsey Carlisle, Paul Gunn, Clare Hoak, Tommie Vegas, Jennie Carroll, Ashley Campbell, Nathan Ferrier, Nick Rush, Fulvia Santoni, Moorea Wolf, Anastasiya Vasilyeva, Scottie Jax, and Cat Cakmis:

Plot synopsis:
“The Imperial Empire is attacked by an Alliance of rebels led by fanatical mystics. The ruler, Empress Nobu, the 8th generation of her family, wants to execute a bold plan to rescue a cyborg, Leah C6, trapped on the battle ravaged planet Endor. The Empress believes Leah C6 holds the secret to destroying the Alliance of Rebels before their insurgency can kill millions of citizens of the Empire. She recruits her heroic fleet commander, Lord General Luka Raan and asks him to gather a team from the Empire’s elite soldiers, the Galactic Rangers. Raan assembles the team in the ruins of Endor which was attacked by depraved Rebels and outlaws led by, Kindo-Ker, a fanatical mystic in Dark Energy. The Galactic Rangers begin a desperate search to find and rescue Leah C6 before the Alliance Rebels can.”

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The film has yet to get an official release date.

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