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Incredible Hulk Iron Man

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, pays a visit to General Thunder Ross in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie!

You can catch a few seconds of the crossover scene in the latest Incredible Hulk tv clip:

Much more at: Incredible Hulk

I suppose those are just some second of a scene at the end of the Incredible Hulk. Even if it’s in the middle of the flick I can but recommend you to stay longer after the credits ending: there could be some surprise for us again!

Iron Man Bootleg Nick Fury

I went to watch Iron Man yesterday. I heard about a cameo of Samuel L. Jackson after then end credits of Iron Man. So I waited for those damned lengthy credits to finish.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in a cameo in Iron ManAnd then fortunately there was indeed some additional footage with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.
He comes to visit Tony Stark at home to recruit Iron Man for the Avengers Initiative, a group of superheroes that team up.

A brave moviegoer used its phone cam to allow those who didn’t wait to watch the cameo appearance:

Iron Man

Earth's Mightiest Heoroes - The AvengersIf you’re not expert of Stan Lee’s work:
The Avengers are a Marvel Comics supergroup made up of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and others.

Downey recently shot a cameo for the upcoming ‘Incredible Hulk‘, further indicating that an Avengers flick is moving forward.

I would be really happy if there was an Avengers movie. But no reall proof yet that there will be one or not…

Iron Man Pepper Potts vs Iron Monger

One more preview clip for Iron Man . That’s the last Iron Man clip we are listing: the movie is already in you theater after all. So go to the cinema for Iron Man! It will worth every penny spent for the ticket, promise!

This Iron Man preview clip features Pepper Potts, Tony Stark’s secretary (Gwyneth Paltrow) who tries to escape from the ugly Iron Monger:

Iron Man

I wonder why Iron Monger wants to catch this sweet secretary… If it’s just to kill her then Iron Monger is more than crazy! So pretty Pepper potts!

Iron Man Listen To The Soundtrack

You may listen to some soundtracks from Iron Man on:

Iron Man Soundtrack

Composer Ramin Djawadi was able to go beyond the traditional comic-film theme with Iron Man. Nice result!

Iron Man Making Of Clips

Some making of clips of Iron Man have been released. You may enjoy them at:

Iron Man Making Of

Those behind-the-scenes clips let give you a real overview of Iron Man. It’s worth watching even after seeing the movie at the theater.

Iron Man Forgets Murphy Law

Iron Man isn't focused on his job...We already knew that Tony Stark doe not have any superpowers as other superheroes do. Well, unfortunatey, he falls short to be a perfect engineer too…

Watch this new preview you’ll understand better:

Looks like Tony Stark / Iron Man (Robert Downey Junior) has forgotten Murphy’s law…
If something can go wrong, it will.
So check, check, and check again!

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Tony Stark is at least really gifted for something: he know how to choose his secretary! No doubt about that!

Iron Man Jon Favreau Loves His Segway Scooter

Jon Favreau

Segway 2-wheel scooter

It’s a love story:

Jon Favreau and his Segway are going to stick together judging from the last set visit featurette:

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I may understand why Director Jon Favreau likes to ride his two-wheel electric scooter: the Segway looks handy and fun!

Iron Man New TV Clips

Three more TV spots are shown for Iron Man:

Iron Man Trailer

Iron Man: we’ve been waiting so long for this movie. Fortunately the official release of Iron Man is in a few day!

Iron Man Tony Stark Merchant of Death

Before being Iron Man Tony Stark was a confident merchant of death. But with time the mighty inventor changed his mind and became a superhero. That’s not without generating conflict in his civil life:


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But well Tony Stark has aways been a womanizer so he was kind of following this advice even if selling weapons:

Make Love Not War!

Iron Man Last Pictures

Some more pictures of Iron Man before the much awaited release of the movie (May 2nd):
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Much more on: Iron Man Trailer

I’m so impatient to go watch Iron Man: it’s been a long since I learned about this movie! I will have a stroke if I miss it next week!

Iron Man Tony Stark house is huge

Tony Stark is Iron Man.Tony Stark’s home is quite big. Let’s follow Director Jon Favreau, our tour guide, in a visit of this marvelous home:

More about the movie on: Iron Man

This featurette is nice, but it just fuels further more my impatience to watch Iron Man!

PS: the house of Tony Stark you see in the movie does not exit, it has been digitally added to the movie, so no need to search for it on Google Earth. What you see in this featurette is just a movie set.

Iron Man Suit Is A State-of-the-art Mechanic

Iron Man Suit would be a really advanced piece of technology, a wonderful mechanic, check this new featurette:

Iron Man Suit

How long do we have to wait to use one of those suits instead of a car? I’ve heard that it takes only 5 minutes to design and build one with the right computer… Just have to find the right computer then!

Iron Man A Womanizer With A Strong Armor

Iron Man in his garage... ;-pFour new preview clips have shown up for Iron Man. It features Tony paying with his armors and with amor: the womanizer in him is hungry of a pretty journalist and of his sweet secretary.


Da Vinci of our time or a merchant of Death?

Not that easy to get into such a suit: fortunately, there is some robotic assistant to help!

Well, outside tests are still required, even in secret, and out of breath.

It’s the birthday of Virginia Potts, aka Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow).

Much more is waiting for you at: Iron Man

Amazing Iron Man movie! Read some reviews, by some lucky bastards who were allowed to screen the movie before its official release, and most of them are rhapsodic about Iron Man.

Iron Man Gwyneth Paltrow Pictures

At long last but not least we finally have some pictures of the womanizer side of Tony Stark / Iron Man: I wonder why we had to wait so long… Damned: don’t they know that women have a significant weight in Tony Stark’s life? ;-p

So here below some new Iron Man pictures, mainly featuring Gwyneth Paltrow who plays Tony Stark’s secretary and love interest, Virginia “Pepper” Potts:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

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Iron Man is definitely the superhero movie of the year!

Iron Man 2 Minutes Preview

Iron ManA new two-minutes preview clip has been released for Iron Man. It features Tony Stark / Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) learning the basis of levitation and flight:

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Those bright light sources Iron Man is using are the strange mix product of the Aliens’ shakarava in Earth Final Conflict and of the flying hoover board of Michael J. Fox in Back to the future 2:

Iron Man can fly thanks to the Taelonf of Earth Final Conflict and thanks to  Michael J. Fox from Back to the future 2!That’s a revelation!

Iron Man New Clip

A new Iron Man TV spot has been aired:

More clips on: Iron Man Trailer

Unfortunately the spot does not emphasize the womanizer personality of Tony Stark (Iron Man)… I hope we will see him seducing gorgeous women in the movie!

Iron Man New TV Spot

Iron Man is ready to kick Warmonger's ass!Less than one month before the release of Iron Man, upcoming movie starring Robert Downey Jr. And the promotion of the film is in full swing.

Here below one more Iron Man TV spot:

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Let’s hope that those teaser trailers are not just smoke and mirrors and that Iron Man will really be as great as we expect!

Iron Man Second Preview Clip

A second preview clip has been released for Iron Man:

Tony Stark is testing his first armor.

More clips at: Iron Man Preview

What an amazing armor!

Iron Man Hi Def Pictures

Hi Def pictures of Iron Man and of his nemesis Warmonger have surfaced on the web:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

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Iron Man is going to blow away your theater screen: it’s so marvelous!

Iron Man UK TV Spot

A new Iron Man TV spot is currently aired in the UK.

Have a look:

UK Spot

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Quite long for a TV spot: lucky people living in the rainy UK!

Iron Man Preview Clip

An explosive Iron Man preview clip has been unleashed! It’s gonna fuel the buzz!

Watch it on:

Iron Man Preview Clip

That’s a crazy flight!

Iron Man Flies for you on TV

The promotion of Iron Man is now in full swing. Your TV is going to be overfowed by Iron Man spots!(maybe not, but Iron Man spots are so explosive, that they’ll stick into your head all day long!):

Here below the last two TV spots aired for Iron Man:

This Summer Heroes aren’t born: they’re built!

Iron Man
May 2, 2008

This armor suit is damned nice!

More spots on: Iron Man TV Spots

So impatient to watch this movie! But in a way I’m impatient for every movie ;-p , that’s true.

Iron Man vs Iron Monger

New pictures from the upcoming superhero movie Iron Man have been unveiled. And they look more than gorgeous! The pictures feature both Iron Man and Iron Monger, Iron Man’s nemesis (played by Jeff Bridges).

Here below Iron Man vs Iron Monger pictures:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Iron Man vs Iron Monger
Iron Monger Iron Man is really angry and is going to kick Iron Monger's ass!

More Pictures at: Iron Man Pictures

Those pictures are of Iron Man are marvellous!

Iron Man New TV Spot

A new TV spot is available for Iron Man, upcoming superhero movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man.

Iron Man TV Spot

This supersonic flying armor is damned hot!

Iron Man Audi Commercials

Two Audi commercials using footage from the upcoming Iron Man movie have been unveiled at Showest (a cinema industry convention).

You may check them on:

Iron Man Audi Promo Spots

I strongly recommend you to check the second one: it’s awesome! Not a fan of cars, but with if it’s Iron man’s car I may change my mind!

Iron Man Posters are great!

Iron Man is an upcoming superhero movie directed by John Favreau. The film is starring Robert Downey Jr.

Let’s check some posters from the movie:

Iron Man posters

They look great don’t you think?

Iron Man Trailer

A new Iron-Man trailer is available.

Iron Man Full Trailer

John Favreau rocks as Iron Man.

Damned, i’m so impatient to watch this movie!

Iron Man

Iron Man PosterIron Man
Action/Adventure/Drama/Sci Fi/Thriller
Directed by Jon Favreau
Starring Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges
Release Date: May 2, 2008

More Information at:

Iron Man