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Josephine Doe Movie Trailer

Josephine Doe MovieHere’s the official trailer of Josephine Doe, the drama movie directed by Ryan Michael based on a script by Erin Cipolletti and starring Erin Cipolletti, Emma Griffin, Elisabeth Bennett, Bassey Esanetok, Jennifer Trier, Lucas Bentley, Dacy Freeman, Michael ‘Stake’ Morton III, Jared Bailey, and John Mess:

Plot synopsis:
“Claire is an isolated young woman who is struggling to come to terms with the death of her father and dealing with her hostile sister. Into her life comes Josephine, a free spirit who brings Claire out of her shell and helps her get her life back on track. But when the two women find themselves in trouble with the law, their easy friendship splits open and reveals an unsettling truth – Josephine isn’t all what she seems. Erin Cipolletti writes and stars in Ryan Michael’s hauntingly beautiful examination of family trauma, grief and mental health.”

There’s also a film poster:

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Release date: June 6, 2016.