Cartel 2045

The movie Cartel 2045 (aka Juarez 2045): trailer, clips, photos, soundtrack, news and much more!

Cartel 2045 Movie trailer

Cartel 2045 MovieThere’s a brand new trailer of Cartel 2045 (previously titled Juarez 2045), the upcoming action science-fiction movie written and directed by Chris Le and starring Danny Trejo, watch it below:

Plot synopsis:
“Its the year 2045. War on drugs in Mexico has escalated as a ruthless drug Cartel use robots to enforce their operations.”

A new poster has also been unveiled, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Cartel 2045 Movie Poster

A new breed of drug war.

If this cartel can buy such robots they may as well take over Mexico: they’d make way more money from conquering the land than from sending drugs to the USA…

The release date of the movie Cartel 2045 is set to May 1, 2018 (on VOD).

Stay tuned for updates.

Juarez 2045 Movie trailer

Juarez 2045 MovieCheck out the latest official trailer of Juarez 2045, the upcoming action science-fiction movie written and directed by Chris Le and starring Danny Trejo, Alexander P. Heartman, Blake Webb, Brad Schmidt, Kyler Steven Fisher, Adam Scorgie, Oscar Olivares, Amy Savannah, Marlon V. Gaines, Oscar Sanchez Poncé, Jay Whittaker, Chris Persky, Victor Soto, Nathan Day, Casey William Walker, Anthony Tefertiller, Luis E. Mendoza, and Flo Donelli:


An earlier trailer:

Plot synopsis:
“The year is 2045, the continuing drug war has caused havoc between The United States government and Mexico. Gear Side International, a robotics engineering company loses a multi billion dollar government contract due to bad practices. On the brink of bankruptcy, they sell off their technology to the Malvado cartel on the black market. With the advanced military robotics technology in the wrong hands. The cartel uses it to their advantage; replacing their enforcers, hit men, and soldiers. The cartel eventually becomes a very powerful threat to The United States.”

And here’s a bunch of posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

Do you root for Danny Trejo and his robots or for the marines?

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Juarez 2045.