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Karate Kid 2 Kung Fu Panda

Karate Kid 2 MovieScriptwriters Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff, who wrote the script of Kung Fu Panda, have been hired by Sony to pen the screenplay of Karate Kid 2.

Karate Kid 2 Trailer

May we expect Jaden Smith to become a fat panda in the sequel to Karate Kid?

Karate Kid 2 Movie

Karate Kid Movie Sequel - Karate Kid 2The latest remake of Karate Kid is already a box office success sot it’s no wonder that there are talks about a movie sequel to Karate Kid in the air. And I’d be glad if Karate Kid 2 was greenlit because Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith make a hell of team. Director Harald Zwart would be interested in helming the Karate Kid 2:

Karate Kid 2 Trailer

“Every now and then we discussed the sequel. The truth is, when you see Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, they’re like a really good film couple.
I personally think it’s now so much on its own two feet, given the success, that it would be interesting to see where we could take it without ever thinking about the old movies.”

Director Harald Zwart

And I guess both Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan would be glad to reprise their roles for a Karate Kid sequel. So I guess it’s almost a done deal: we may expect the movie Karate Kid 2 to be released in the next 2 years.

Karate Kid 2

Karate Kid 2 MovieKarate Kid 2
Genre: Action/Drama/Family/Sport
Directed by: Harald Zwart
Starring: Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan
Release Date:TBA 2012

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