Let Us Prey

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Let Us Prey Movie Trailer

Check out the official trailer of Let Us Prey, the upcoming horror movie directed by Brian O’Malley and starring Liam Cunningham, Pollyanna McIntosh, and Douglas Russell:


A mysterious visitor, a dark secret a den of sin.

“On her first night at a backwater precinct, rookie cop Rachel (Pollyanna McIntosh) finds herself surrounded by violent officers and criminals. Her job becomes all the more terrifying when a mysterious man (Liam Cunningham) is brought in and strange things begin occurring. Soon it becomes clear that the stranger has something to do with the supernatural events, and Rachel must fight for her life against cop and crook alike as they turn on each other and themselves. Now she has to survive the night and uncover the stranger’s true plans before she too falls prey to the unholy power that seeks to destroy them all.”

According to the old man from the movie the price of our sins is paid for in blood. All right… but since am a sinner I’d rather go to a clinic to have my blood collected rather than having some possessed soul cut my arteries…. Would you the devil agree to get paid with collected blood?

Anyway, there are also two posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)

The release date of Let Us Prey is set to May 26, 2015.