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Lift Me Up Movie Trailer

Lift me UpCheck out the official trailer of Lift Me Up, the upcoming family drama movie directed by Mark Cartier based on a script he co-wrote with Aviv Rubinstien and Franco Zavala and starring Todd Cahoon, Sarah Frangenberg, Shane Harper, Johnny Jay, Gene Gabriel, Jacob Patrick, Chris Browning, and Kathryn McCormick:

Plot synopsis:
“After the tragic loss of his wife, John Donelson (Todd Cahoon) is left to raise his sixteen year old stepdaughter. He must learn to become a father before she gives up everything her mother ever wanted for her.”

How come the girl isn’t moving with her real father or her grandparents?

Anyway here’s a banner poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Sometimes you just gotta let go!

The release date of the movie Lift Me Up is set to July 26, 2016 (on Digital HD and On Demand).