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Llamageddon Movie Trailer

Llamageddon MovieCheck out the outrageous trailer of Llamageddon, the upcoming horror comedy movie directed by Howie Dewin based on a script he co-wrote with Jacques M. Felin and starring Jacques M. Felin, Pinki Brainweis, L. Lean Burnside, E.B. Buxxner, Richard Cymbals, Leona L. Dandee, Howie Dewin, Mary Haddilam, Gooch Jesco III, Sunshine Phoenix, John Selmy, Aaron O.O. Shanson, Erin Stacy, and Chet Steadman:

Plot synopsis:
“A killer llama from outer space crash lands on Earth and begins killing a group of college students at a party.”

Beware the evil llama from outer space!

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