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Lost Amazon Movie

Take a look to this teaser poster of Lost Amazon, the upcoming CG animated movie developed by Awesometown Entertainment with Roland Emmerich serving as Executive Producer:

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From Executive Producer Roland Emmerich.

Plot synopsis:
“A long, long, long time ago, somewhere deep in the Amazon Jungle, Yano, son of the village chief, is desperate to prove to his father that he can be a warrior. While he is not stealthy and often the laughing stock of the village, he and his spirit animal, the poisonous dart frog Fred, whose venom makes the victims skin sprout instantly with wild tufts of hair, find themselves suddenly responsible for saving all the warriors of the tribe when they are kidnapped by aliens. Teaming up with the village tomboy Ayira and her sidekick capybara, Capo, the quartet works on a plan to foil chief alien Mog the Magnificent (a very short and bald alien with a Napoleonic Complex), only to have Fred taken for his much coveted hair sprouting venom. With the occasional help of Nana (the Fred loving piranha), the devious monkey Rupert, the jungle’s kingpin Onda the Anaconda, Yano, Ayira and Capo infiltrate the ship and save the tribe and the Amazon forest from ultimate destruction.”

Additional promo pictures:

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Lost Amazon movie

So, do you bet on the alien invaders or on the witty Amazonians?

The film has yet to get an official release date, most likely sometime in 2018.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Lost Amazon.

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