Madagascar 2

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Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Preview Clip

Madagascar 2 in IMAX

A preview clip of Madagascar 2, aka Madagascar Escape to Africa, has shown up:

Madagascar 2 Clip

What happened to the separation of the classes?

Those animals in the movie Madagascar 2 are just wildly crazy!

Dreamworks Madagascar 2 International Trailer

The penguins in Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

Our friend from New York’s zoo who went to Madagascar are trying to go back home. But they unexpectedly have to make a stop in the African savanna. Here below the latest international trailer of Madagascar 2, aka Madagascar Escape 2 Africa:

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa International Trailer

When will we have a spin-off movie featuring the penguins or the lemurs only? Hope Dreamworks is considering it!

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Movie Trailer

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Movie

A sequel of Madagascar has been produced by Dreamworks. it is going to be officially released thi November. Check below the latest trailer of Madagascar 2:

Madagascar 2 Escape To Africa New trailer

They thought they were going home…
They thought wrong!

On November 7

For these castaways it’s a jungle out there.

From Dreamworks


In Theaters And IMAX

I am fan of those penguins and lemurs! They are the real heroes of this Dreamworks animated movie for me.

What about you? Who is you favorite character in Madagascar? What animal do you prefer?

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Trailer 2

Madagascar Escape to AfricaHere below the second official trailer released for Madagascar 2, aka Madagascar Escape To Africa:

Madagascar 2 Second Trailer

Madagascar is an upcoming Dreamworks movie that should be released in November 2008.

Madagascar 2 Official Trailer

The Lemurs of Madagascar 2An official trailer is now available for Madagascar 2, aka Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. You may watch it at:

Madagascar 2 First Official Trailer

I love those naughty lemurs and the unruly penguinsin Madagascar 2!

Madagascar 2 First Teaser Poster

The first teaserposter of Madagascar 2, aka Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, has been unveiled:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Madagascar 2 Teaser PosterMadagascar 2 Escape To Africa

Much more at: Madagascar 2

I think those animals should go back to the zoo they escape from for their own sake: too much danger for them in the wide wild world!

Madagascar 2 Stills

Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaSome stills of Madagascar 2, aka Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa, are available at:

Madagascar 2 Pictures

Which animal is your favorite in this animated movie by Dreamworks?

Madagascar 2 First Teaser Trailer

Madagascar 2: The Crate EscapeThe first teaser trailer of Madagascar 2: The Crate Escape has been released:

Madagascar 2 Teaser Trailer

Ben Stiller is doing Alex’voice again: Who couldhave thought that Ben Stiller would one day interpret the role(the voice) of a lion!

Madagascar 2 First Official Picture

The first official picture of Madagascar 2 has been unveiled.

Madagascar 2 First Still

All our friends will be back!

Madagascar 2

Madagascar 2: The Crate Escape
Directed by Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath
Starring Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith, David Schwimmer
Release Date: November 7, 2008

More Information at: Madagascar 2