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Meet Dave Preview

Meet Dave - Eddie MurphyMeet Dave, sci-fi comedy starring Eddie Murphy, has been released a few days ago. If you haven’t seen it yet you may want to check the two previews clips of Meet Dave available at:

Meet Dave Preview Clips

Eddie Murphy is getting old…

Meet Dave First TV Spot

Meet Dave with Eddie MurphyThe first Meet Dave TV spot is being broadcasted on TV networks. You may watch it at:

Meet Dave TV Spot

Eddie Murphy has been starring in many comedy movies, but none of them can compete with his first success, The Beverly Hills Cop…

Meet Dave Pictures of Eddie Murphy

Some pictures of Eddie Murphy in his upcoming comedy movie Meet Dave:

Meet Dave Pictures

InMeetDave, Eddie Murphy is the alien captain of a starship Dave, a human-shape starship. The intelligent starship hits on a female earthling and refuses to obey any longer to orders.
The plot reminds me of What Planet Are You From with Garry Shandling…

Meet Dave Posters

Eddie MurphyThe poster count for Meet dave is up to two so far. Check them in full size at:

Meet Dave Poster

Eddie Murphy must have a real damned good dentist!

Meet Dave First Teaser Trailer

Eddie Murphy in Meet DaveMeet Dave is an upcoming comedy film starring Afro-American actor Eddie Murphy. You may check the trailer at:

Meet Dave First Official Trailer

Dave (Eddie Murphy), is actually a human-shape starship. And inside of Dave, a crew of mini aliens and their Captain (Eddie Murphy again).

So it’s Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy…

Meet Dave

Meet Dave posterMeet Dave
Comedy/Science Fiction
Directed by Brian Robbins
Starring Eddie Murphie, Gabrielle Union, Elizabeth Banks
Release Date: July 11, 2008

More Information at: Meet Dave