Meet The Browns

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Meet The Browns Crazy Family

In Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns you’re goint to meet a really crazy family. Really, but really crazy family!

Just check this clip featuring a mourning:

How sweet the sound!
L.B. (Frankie Faison) has enough of Vera (Jenifer Lewis) and her overwrought mourning.

L.B. is such a gentleman!

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Was first thinking that this movie would be like a TV-show at the cinema: I may be wrong, jokes are much better in this movie.

Meet The Browns Preview

Watch the first preview clip of Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns:

Meet The Browns Preview Clip

Better not to piss off some women…

Meet the Browns 4 Posters now

A fourth poster for Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns:

Meet The Browns

You may see the other posters on:

Meet The Browns Poster

This couple is shining of happiness!

Meet The Browns Brand New TV Spots

Meet The Browns PosterTyler Perry’s Meet The Brown shoud be released in end of March 2008. Tyer Perry’s fans can warm up with two spots that are going to broadcasted on TV soon:

Meet The Browns TV Spot

Such a crazy family would give me a real headache!

Meet the Browns Official Posters

Have to the posters of Meet The Brown, Tyler Perry upcoming movie.

Meet The Browns Poster

That’s a nice vintage luggage on the poster!

Meet the Browns Trailer

Meet The Browns
Directed by Tyler Perry
Starring Tyler Perry, Angela Bassett, Sofia Vergara, David Mann
Release Date: March 21, 2008

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Meet The Browns