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Metal Heart Movie

Metal Heart MovieA first official look at Metal Heart, the upcoming romantic comedy movie directed by Hugh O’Conor based on a script by Paul Murray and starring Jordanne Jones, Leah McNamara, Moe Dunford, Seán Doyle, Aaron Heffernan, Yasmine Akram, Ali Hardiman, Lucy Parker Byrne, Sorcha Fahy, Jane Brennan, Shashi Rami, Mirjana Rendulic, Manus Halligan, Ian O’Reilly, Hugh O’Conor, Danny Kehoe, Joshua Lyons, Patser Murray, amd Mark Kelvin Ryan:

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Jordanne Jones in Metal HeartMetal Heart MovieMetal Heart Film

Plot synopsis:
“On the cusp of adulthood, fraternal twin teen sisters Emma (Jordanne Jones) and Chantal (Leah McNamara) are worlds apart. Emma is self-conscious, and unsure of which path to take in life — she dreams of starting a band with her best friend Gary (Seán Doyle), who secretly has a crush on her. Chantal, meanwhile, is beautiful, confident and knows exactly where her life is headed. When their parents go away for the summer, their simmering sibling rivalry threatens to boil over, especially when the mysterious boy next door (Moe Dunford) moves back in.”

Actress Jordanne Jones is beautiful, isn’t she?

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Metal Heart.

Update – Another plot synopsis reads as follows;
“Emma (Jordanne Jones) and Chantal (Leah McNamara) are chalk-and-cheese sisters living in Dublin. Goth-loving Emma is the guiding spirit of the band Yeast Infections. Chantal is blonde, bubbly and always blogging. When their parents head off on holiday, a summer of bitter rivalry, chasing dreams and facing reality sets the siblings on a collision course, not helped by the return of handsome neighbour Dan (Moe Dunford).”