Mike Boy

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Mike Boy Movie Trailer

Mike Boy MovieCheck out the official trailer of Mike Boy, the upcoming thriller drama movie written and directed by Hamzah Tarzan and starring Hugh Massey, Emily Killian, Robert Sisko, Kateryna Dronova, Gerard Sanders, James Wellington, and Ron Gilbert:

Plot synopsis:
“After an orphaned waiter ‘Mike Boy’ is identified as the chosen one from an ancient prophecy, a shadowy figure visits him and forces Mike to join a secret society that is determined to rule the world. The society wants Mike to carry out a series of missions that will give them ultimate power. In exchange, they will reveal to Mike the long lost secret of who he really is.”

He should just embrace his destiny!

There’s also a film poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


The release date of the movie Mike Boy is set to:
– in select theaters on September 1, 2017
– on VOD on October 1, 2017.

Stay tuned with us for more details.