Molly (2020)

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Molly Movie

A first official look at Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning in Molly, the upcoming drama movie written and directed by Sally Potter:

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Molly Movie 2020 Javier Bardem And Elle Fanning

Plot synopsis:
“The film follows 24 hours in the life of father and daughter Leo (Javier Bardem) and Molly (Elle Fanning) as she grapples with the challenges of dealing with her father’s chaotic mental state. But as they weave their way around New York City, their ordinary but stressful day takes on a hallucinatory and epic quality, for Leo is seamlessly flowing in and out of several parallel lives; a passionate marriage with his childhood sweetheart Dolores (Salma Hayek) in Mexico; a struggling career as a drummer in Manhattan with his more successful lover, Adam (Chris Rock); and a life of solitude on a remote Greek island, where a chance encounter with two young tourists unmasks the uncomfortable truths of a family life left behind…
The film weaves a rich, cinematic tapestry as Leo’s parallel lives – visible only to him – gradually unravel in moments of tragedy, happiness, regret and humor. It is only his daughter who gradually begins to understand his extraordinary secret.”

Is is crazy? Or is he actually living those parallel lives?

Besides Javier Bardem and Elle Fanning, the cast also includes Laura Linney, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock, Cory Peterson, Gerard Cordero, Olan Montgomery, and George Mizen.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Molly.