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Mongol Genghis Khan Preview

Mongol with Tadanobu AsanoTadanobu Asano plays the role of Genghis Khan in the upcoming movie Mongol, which recounts the life of the bloodthirsty conqueror.

Here below some new preview clips from Mongol:

The best sword.
Genghis Khan gives the best sword to a middle-man and decides to share his part of the booty with the grass root soldiers.

New master
The middle-man has decided to follow Genghis Khan after he shared his booty. But his former master isn’t quite happy with this…

Five ropes for this slave.
Genghis Khan is sold for 5 ropes in a slave market.

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Such epic movies are windows on History!

Mongol New Banner Poster

A new banner poster is promoting the film Mongol:
(Click on the banner to enlarge it.)

Mongol Banner PosterMONGOL
The rise to power of Genghis Khan

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Tadanobu Asano is great in the role of Genghis Khan.

Mongol New Preview Clip

A new preview clip of Mongol has been released. Mongol is a an upcoming historical movie directed by Russian director Sergei Bodrov. The film follows Genghis Khan’s life. Asian actor Tadanobu Asano plays the role of Genghis Khan grown up.

Even a blood thirsty conqueror may have been a starry-eyed teen…

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I had the occasion to watch this movie already. And despite some shortcuts in the plot it was a quite interesting movie with gorgeous sceneries. I can but recommend it to you!

Mongol Genghis Khan Invading American Theaters

Mongol by Sergei BodrovA second trailer for Mongol, upcoming movie that recopunts the life of Genghi Khan:

Mongol Second International Trailer

The US release of Sergei Bodrov’s movie is slated for June 6, 2008.


Directed by Sergei Bodrov
Starring Tadanobu Asano, Honglei Sun, Khulan Chuluun, Odnyam Odsuren
Release Date: June 6, 2008

More Information at: Mongol