My Bloody Valentine 3D

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Bloody Valentine Movie Clip

BLOODY VALENTINE MOVIEA new clip of My Bloody Valentine 3D:

My Bloody Valentine 3D

Chief you’ve got a valentine…
Could you give me the gloves?

Yeap, when having intimate contact with your valentine you should use latex stuffs to be safe! My Bloody Valentine 3D is full of wisdom!

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My Bloody Valentine 3D Clip

What would you do if a threatening man wearing a gas mask and holding a pickaxe would be heading toward you? I bet you would run away like those kids in this clip of My Bloody Valentine (I know would run twice as fast…):

My Bloody Valentine Preview Clip

On The Run
A group of young people struggle to escape a black-clad.

I’m afraid that kids, inspired by the movie My Bloody Valentine 3D, start to wear gas masks next Halloween: it would freak me out a bit…

Bloody Valentine 3D Clip TV

Bloody Valentine 3D Remake

Take a look to those first TV clips of My Bloody valentine 3D:

My Bloody valentine 3D TV Spots

For valentine’s day some people give chocolates or flowers, but there is a freak out there who prefers to impersonate the Grim Reaper and offer death instead…

My Scary Bloody valentine 3D is a well done remake!

Slasher Movie My Bloody Valentine 3D Poster

At long last but not least a poster that’s really faithful to the spirit of My Bloody Valentine 3D, upcoming slasher movie, has been unveiled:

My Bloody Valentine 3D Movie

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
My Bloody valentine 3D


Get your heart broken!

My Bloody Valentine 3D is the 3D remake of a cult Canadian slasher film from the 1980’s. This new version is directed by Patrick Lussier.

Patrick Lussier My Bloody Valentine Movie Poster

A second poster for My Bloody Valentine 3D, upcoming horror movie directed by Patrick lussier:

My Bloody valentine 3D Poster

My Bloody valentine Movie Poster

When Tom (played by Jensen Ackles) goes back in his small town city for Valentine’s Day it is not just love that’s waiting…

My Bloody Valentine 3D

My Bloody Valentine 3D Movie Official PosterMy Bloody Valentine 3D
Directed by Patrick Lussier
Starring Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith, Tom Atkins
Release Date: January 16, 2009

More information at: My Bloody Valentine 3D Trailer

My Bloody Valentine 3D Trailer

My Bloody Valentine 3D Movie Poster

Some people hate valentine’s day. Well, some really hate this day. Like in the upcoming horror movie My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Here below the first official trailer of My Bloody Valentine 3D:

My Bloody Valentine 3D Official Trailer

For valentine’s Day: make love not war!