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One of Us Movie Trailer

One Of Us MovieCheck out the official traile rof One of Us, the upcoming drama horror thriller movie directed by Blake Reigle based on a script by Andrea Ajemian and Blaine Chiappetta and starring Christa B. Allen, Derek Smith, and Carly Schroeder:

Plot synopsis:
“On a mission to find her friend Haley (Lisseth Chavez), investigative journalist Melanie Roberts (Christa B. Allen) tracks down the Ascension Family Commune and goes undercover to discover what exactly is happening there. Under the pretense of joining herself, Melanie meets Brent, the magnetic leader of the group, and charms her way into the commune. But Haley isn’t there; and the women living on the farm are silent about her disappearance. When Melanie begins having bizarre nightmares, hearing whispers and losing track of where she is, she fears that the journey down the rabbit hole might be a trip she won’t return from. Dark secrets are buried in the soil of the commune, and though she doesn’t know it, Melanie is already in too deep. Can she break free from Brent’s thrall to save herself and the lost souls at the commune before it’s too late?”

What a creepy satanic sect!

There’s also a film poster:

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She wanted to uncover the truth.

Now she’s dying to get out.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie One of Us.