Orishas The Hidden Pantheon

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Orishas The Hidden Pantheon Movie trailer

Orishas The Hidden Pantheon MovieCheck out the official trailer of Orishas The Hidden Pantheon, the latest fantasy science-fiction movie directed by Yann Kieffoloh Jr. based on a script he co-wrote with Emmanuelle Yapo and starring Arielle Barros-Evora, Sebree Laurie, Julien Lacelle, Naufal Gilani, and Keniya Jean:

Plot synopsis:
“Thousands of years after the mysterious extinction of the hidden pantheon IFE, questions about its existence resurface nowadays, when a group of people with different behaviors and backgrounds gradually discover that they are filled of supernatural physical and mental abilities. Using that incredible and undeniable truth, they seek to know and understand the source of their powers and purpose that results. However, they do not realize the impact those faculties can have on their lives.”

There are also a few posters:

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The plot synopsis sounds like it could from a scientologist, lol! Will we get to meet L. Ron Hubbard’s Xenu?

Release date: November 27, 2016.