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Howard McCain Outlander Trailer

An ultimate movie trailer of Outlander, upcoming science-fiction movie directed by Howard McCain and starring James Caviezel, Sophia Myles and, Ron Perlman, has shown up just before the final release of the film on January 23, 2009:

Outlander Movie Trailer


Norway, year 709
In the middle of a Viking war an Outlander has come.
But not alone…

It’s been a long road for Outlander to be released in the USA: but if we can believe this trailer then the Outlande movie is going to be explosive. I love the high-tech suit Jesus (James Caviezel) is wearing at the beginning of this trailer!

Oh my God! I definitely have to go see Outlander when it’s in theaters next week!

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James Caviezel Outlander

A new poster has been unveiled for Outlander, the upcoming sci-fi movie starring James Caviezel:

Outlander Trailer

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)
James Caviezel Outlander Movie PosterOUTLANDER

It destroyed his world…
He won’t let it destroy ours!

If you’re fond of science fiction, don’t miss this epic movie: Outlander that’s when aliens meet the Vikings and their drakkars!

Outlander Preview

Outlander an explosive mix of viking dragons and of aliens!

Here below the first preview clip of Outlander, an upcoming science-fiction movie starring James Caviezel:

Outlander Clip

Outlander does not have an official release date for the USA yet: how sad!

Outlander New Trailer

OutlanderA new trailer of Outlander has shown up. And nope, the movie isn’t dealing with cars but with evil and ugly aliens! You may watch it at:

Outlander Domestic Trailer

Alien vs OutlanderThe movie Outlander is directed by Howard McCain and is starring James Caviezel.

Outlander Trailer

OutlanderThe first trailer of Outlander has shown up. Outlander is a science fiction movie starring Jesus Christ as the Savior of a Viking village facing the threat of an evil alien… Err, sorry, actually it is only starring James Caviezel who once played the role of Jesus in a movie of Mel Gibson the bigot.

Here below the trailer of Outlander:

Outlander International Trailer

Too bad they didn’t hire Sigourney Weaver to help to fight against this ugly alien! But I suppose the outlander will be fine enough for the job.

Outlander Sneak Preview Clips

Some sneak preview clips are available for Outlander at:

Outlander Sneak Preview

The Vikings are back! (Jesus too!!!)

Outlander Teaser trailer

A teaser is available for Outlander, upcoming sci-fi movie that brings Alien to the Vikings.

Outlander First Official Teaser

Fortunately for the Vikings they are not alone to fight against the evil ugly aliens. Jesus Christ, er, no, James Caviezel, will be their saviour!

Outander Interview of the cast

An interview of the cast of Outlander, upcoming science-fiction movie is available at:

Outlander Cast Interview

Funny to see those people with Vking clothes!

Outlander First Official Poster

The first official poster of Outlander:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Outlander Trailer

Outlander stars James Caviezel who whas Jesus Christ in the Passion by Mel Gibson.

Outlander New Pictures

A batch of pictures of Outlander, upcoming sci-fi movie, are available at:

Outlander Pictures

Jesus Christ (James Caviezel) is a man from outer space in this movie and he’s here to hunt some ugly evil aliens!


Action/adventure/Science Fiction
Directed by Howard McCain
Starring James Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Ron Perlman, John Hurt, Jack Huston
Release Date: January 23, 2009

More Information at: Outlander