Pet Names

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Pet Names Movie

A first official look at Pet Names, the upcoming comedy movie directed by Carol Brandt based on a script by Meredith Johnston and starring Meredith Johnston, Rene Cruz, Stacy Parish, Chelsea Norment, Jake Bradley, Lilliana Winkworth, and Christina Seo:

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Pet Names Movie

Plot synopsis:
“Grad-school-dropout Leigh (Meredith Johnston) spends seemingly endless days caring for her ill mother in her childhood home. A chance encounter with her ex, Cam (Rene Cruz), leads Leigh to make a last-minute decision to invite him on her solo camping trip. Falling into old patterns of familiarity is easy for the duo; what’s hard is facing deep-seated wounds between them that never healed. Between losing Cam’s dog, tripping on mushrooms, drunken nights by the bonfire baring their souls, making up dumb songs, and jealous arguments, the ‘vacation’ becomes a constant guessing game of whether or not the two will find themselves back together, or never speaking again.”

They look (and I guess behave) like kids. Time to grow up!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Pet Names.