Phil Claydon

Lesbian Vampire Killers Movie

There are some quite funny movie titles from time to time. That’s the case case with Lesbian Vampire Killers, a UK movie mixing action, comedy, and horror. The film is directed by Phil Claydon and is starring James Corden and Mathew Horne.

Here below the first movie poster of Lesbian Vampire Killers:


“Their women having been enslaved by the local pack of lesbian vampires thanks to an ancient curse, the remaining menfolk of a rural Welsh town send two hapless young lads out onto the moors as a sacrifice.” (Source: IMDb)

I doubt such a great poster would be allowed by the MPAA in the USA though: should send their representatives to a European nudist beach!

The movie should be released on March 29, 2009 in the UK. Unfortunately, no US release planned yet. But with such a creative title and such a funny plot we may hope that the movie Lesbian Vampire Killers will hit USA’s shore soon!