Ping Pong Rabbit

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Ping Pong Rabbit Movie Trailer

You may watch below the first official trailer of Ping Pong Rabbit, the upcoming 3D animted movie directed by Mike Johnson and Yuefeng Song based on a script by Peter Barsocchini:

Plot synopsis:
“With dreams bigger than his small stature, a rural rabbit named Robb hurls himself in pursuit of his province’s biggest prize, a storied ‘Jade Table’ awarded annually to the finest ping pong player in the land. Standing in his path is the fact that rabbits don’t play ping pong, and the province’s perennial champion is a ruthless monkey who uses the Jade Table to amass power and wealth, with no plans to relinquish either. Robb must prove that rabbits will no longer run scared, and that his improbable ping pong dreams will change not only his future, but also the fate of his entire province.”

Have you picked a side: do you root for the cute little rabbit or the agile monkey?

We also have two posters:

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The magic paddle.

Who needs a plan when you look this good?

And a promo picture:

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Ping Pong Rabbit Animated movie - Rabbit vs Monkey

Have you ever played ping pong? Do you still play?

No official release date yet.