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Pinsky Movie Trailer

Pinsky MovieCheck out the official trailer of Pinsky, the latest comedy movie directed by Amanda Lundquist based on a script she co-wrote with Rebecca Karpovsky and starring Rebecca Karpovsky, Larisa Popova, Ara Woland, Jacob Brandt, Maria Natapov, Galina Gutkin, Samaria Sam Jay Johnson, Alan Blumenfeld, Avery Bargar, Allison Smartt, and Nelcie Souffrant:

Plot synopsis:
“A biting comedy revolving around a young Jewish, Russian-American woman dealing with a breakup, her overbearing grandmother, and a floundering standup comedy career. Rebecca Karpovsky, Larisa Popova, and Ara Woland star in PINSKY, the film that shows “we’re all fine, just not great”.
Sophia Pinsky has the semblance of an adult life; a job, partner and an apartment. But with her grandfather’s sudden death and a girlfriend who dumps her, it all starts to unravel. Sophia’s tyrannical, controlling Russian grandmother Marina capitalizes on Sophia’s insecurities and guilt, luring her to move back into the family’s modest apartment while conspiring to marry her off to Trevor, a nice boring Jewish boy who works in a lab studying varicose veins. There’s only one problem…Sophia isn’t interested in guys! Sophia ends up at a comedy club after a disastrous date with Trevor. Sobbing over the dismal state of her life, something happens that she doesn’t expect; people laugh at her jokes. She starts to hang out with new friends she meets there. They commiserate over feeling like aliens everywhere except at the club. All the family dysfunction comes to a head during an explosive Shabbat dinner, full of unexpected surprises. Can Sophia learn to accept herself and find a new family of friends while learning to forgive the one she was born into?”

There’s also a film poster:

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Pinsky Movie Poster

Do you think they will manage to mend the generation gap?

The release date of the movie Pinsky is set to:
– Los Angeles Theatrical: February 8, 2019;
– on VOD: February 12, 2019;
– on DVD: February 26, 2019.

Stay tuned with us for more details.