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Pitching Tents Movie trailer

Pitching Tents MovieYou may watch below the official trailer of Pitching Tents, the latest comedy movie directed by Jacob Cooney based on a script by Jayme Petrille and Rob Fox and starring Michael Grant, Jim Norton, Booboo Stewart, Eric Allan Kramer, Spencer Daniels, Samantha Basalari, Jonathan Lipnicki, Marco James Marquez, Michelle Duffy, and Josh Caras:

Plot synopsis:
“A mysterious goddess, a vulgar guidance counselor and a no-nonsense father all want to help Danny figure out his future while he sneaks off to the woods with his buddies for a weekend of girls, beer and THE party of 1984!
High school senior Danny Whitaker is at a crossroads – should he do what his working-class father thinks is practical and take a job at the local metal factory, or will his loose-cannon guidance counselor convince him to enroll in college to save his own job? To escape reality, Danny and his band of misfit buddies head to the woods for the town’s annual rite-of-passage fishing trip. After a wild party, Danny stumbles upon Goddess Camp, the urban legend of “skinny-dipping chicks” that so many horny high-school boys have fantasized about for years. Here he meets Alison, who helps him find the strength he needs to take charge of his own destiny.”

There are also two film posters, take a look below:

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1984, it was a simpler time… then things got hard.

According to Hollywood there’s no party if there’s no beer… Do you approve?

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