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Pocket Listing Movie Trailer

Pocket Listing MovieYou may watch below the official trailer of Pocket Listing, the upcoming comedy thriller movie directed by Conor Allyn based on a script by James Jurdi and starring Rob Lowe, Burt Reynolds, James Jurdi, Jessica Clark, Logan Fahey, Noel Gugliemi, and Ken Davitian:


In a city where everything is for sale he got an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Now everyone wants a piece

Plot synopsis:
“Double crosses, adultery, murder, mistaken identity, and revenge ensue when a mysterious power player and his sultry wife hire a disgraced Los Angeles property broker to discreetly market and sell their Malibu villa.”

I”d love to own this property, unfortunately i can’t afford it, lol!

The film has yet to get an official US release date.