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Primal movie trailer

Primal Movie 2019 - Nicolas CageYou may watch below the first official trailer of Primal, the upcoming action movie directed by Nick Powell and starring Nicolas Cage, Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand, Michael Imperioli, LaMonica Garrett, Rey Hernandez, Tommy Walker, John Lewis, Sewell Whitney, Braulio Castillo hijo, Joseph Oliveira, Brian Tester, Drake Shannon, Sebastian Vázquez, Jaime Irizarry, Daniel Salinas González, Pablo Tufino, and Jeremy Nazario:


Survival gets wild!

Plot synopsis:
“A big game hunter (Nicolas Cage) is trapped on a cargo ship where his latest catch of predatory animals and a dangerous criminal are on the loose and out to kill everyone on board.”

So, do you bet on the mercenary assassin (Kevin Durand)? Or on the big game hunter (Nicolas Cage)? Why?

The release date of the movie is set to November 8, 2019.

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Primal Movie

Nicolas Cage is set to star in Primal, the upcoming action movie directed by Nick Powell based on a script by Richard Leder:

Plot synopsis:
“A big-game hunter for zoos who has booked passage on a Greek shipping freighter with a fresh haul of exotic and deadly animals from the Amazon, including a rare white Jaguar – along with a political assassin being extradited to the U.S in secret. Two days into the journey, the assassin escapes and releases the captive animals, throwing the ship into chaos.”

Besides Nicolas Cage, so far the cast also includes Jeff Gum, and Tom Walker.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

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Update – Actress Famke Janssen joins the cast.

And a first picture from the film:

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Nicolas Cage And LaMonica Garrett In Primal