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Ray Stevenson Punisher War Zone Movie Clips

The Punisher Reboot Movie with Ray Stevenson

Three new clips of the Punisher War Zone are bringing back some hope for this reboot film directed by Lexi Alexander and starring Ray Stevenson as the Punisher:

Punisher War Zone Movie

Sometimes I’d like to get my hands on God!

I had the best plastic surgery in New York!

Who punishes you?

I was afraid there would be only raw action in the movie judging from the previous trailers and clips. But those three new preview clips of Punisher War Zone are shedding a new positive light on the film. I might even go watch it actually!

Preview Clip Punisher War Zone Intro By Lexi Alexander

Ray Stevenson is a vigilante in Punisher War Zone.

Director Lexi Alexander is introducing some new footage from Punisher War Zone, upcoming movie with Ray Stevenson as the Punisher:

Punisher War Zone Preview Clip

A vigilante movie with a lot of action, enough said…

Punisher War Zone Ray Stevenson Lenticular Poster

Thanks to IGN we may have a first look to a new lenticular poster of Punisher War Zone, upcoming Punisher movie starring Ray Stevenson:

Punisher War Zone Movie Trailer

Punisher War Zone Ray Stevenson Lenticular Poster

I still think hard to be enthusiast about this movie since I saw the trailers of Punisher War Zone. Actually it is not because of the movie itself, it must be related to the Punisher himself, not the kind of comic-book hero I like…

Punisher War Zones Movie Stills

The PunisherA few pictures of the reboot movie Punisher War Zone are available at:

Punisher War Zone Pictures

There are B movies and i suppose there are B superheroes too…

Punisher War Zone Movie Posters

Punisher War ZoneA collection of posters of Punisher War Zone, upcoming movie starring Ray Stevenson in the lead role, are available at:

Punisher War Zone Poster

This movie will be rated R: we could not expect less from a Punisher movie!

Punisher War Zone Restricted Comic Con Footage

Punisher War Zone

Restricted footage of the upcoming reboot movie Punisher War Zone is available, it was first shown during the last San Diego Comic Con:

Punisher War Zone Red Band Clip

The violence of this restricted Punisher War Zone preview clip is highlighted by the cheap rock song they’re using as soundtrack. I really don’t like the cheesy 1980’s feel of some special effects they’re using… I doubt this is going to be a blockbuster, but I’m sure it will find its public.

Punisher War Zone First Trailer

Punisher War Zone PosterIn case you missed the first trailer of the movie Punisher War Zone, you may still watch it at:

Punisher War Zone First Official Trailer

Punisher War Zone is a R-Rated movie directed by Lexi Alexander.

Punisher War Zone New Official Trailer

Ray Stevenson as the PunisherRay Stevenson is the Punisher, a vigilante who does not fit in the usual mold of the politically-correct superhero. You may watch the second trailer of Punisher War Zone at:

Punisher War Zone Second Trailer

This reboot movie, under the direction of Lexi Alexander, is much closer to the Marvel comic book. The Punisher War Zone could be interesting…

Punisher War Zone

Punisher War Zone PosterPunisher War Zone
Directed by Lexi Alexander
Starring Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, Julie Benz, Wayne Knight
Release Date: December 5, 2008

More Information at: Punisher War Zone Trailer