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Summit Entertainment Push

Summit Entertainment’s sci-fi thriller movie Push is hitting theaters on February 6, 2009. Here below two international posters of Push:

Push Trailer

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Push Chris Evans PUSH MOVIE

The movie Push was directed by Paul McGuigan.

Push Telekinetic Fight

PushA telekinetic fight, with fighters able to use their mind to move and throw stuff around, should be really nasty. But in the movie Push fighters aren’t that wicked… This second clip of Push just show one more tame fight between Chris Evans and Neil Jackson who are both movers:

Push Movie

Well fortunately telekinesy is just a fantasy because I’m sure that some wicked minds would be much more efficient in using such an ability to harm others than they do in the movie…

Push will be released on February 6, 2009.

Push Clip

PUSH with Chris EvansAn extended preview clip of Push, upcoming science-fiction movie starring Chris Evans Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle and, Djimon Hounsou, has been released:

Push Preview Clip

This clip of Push features a fight between Chris Evans and Neil Jackson who are both movers (they can move objects thanks to their telekinetic ability). It’s also hinting at Djimon Hounsou’s power, he’s a pusher: he can push thoughts into the minds of other people making them believe they’re real and changing their memories.

Push looks a bit like a make up movie: I mean with such powers, fights should be damn nasty and much more bloody disgusting!

Movie Poster Push

Here below a third poster of the movie Push:

Push Movie

PUSH with Chris EvansPUSH
A new evolution of hero.

The main cast of the movie is featured on this poster, namely:Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans, Camilla Belle and, Djimon Hounsou.

The movie Push shall be released on February 6, 2009.

Chris Evans Push Movie poster

Thanks to the latest poster of the sci-fi movie Push we may have a better understanding of Chris Evans‘s abilities in the film:

Push Movie Trailer

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Push Movie PosterPUSH
One Push can change everything.

I’m not sure the movie will be as amazing as seen on the poster… But I can’t but give it a try: Push can’t be that bad either!

Push Movie: Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, and Camilla Belle

Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans in the movie Push

Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, and Camilla Belle are endowed with special abilities in the movie Push, a science-fiction film directed by Paul McGuigan. Below the latest international trailer of Push:

Push International Trailer


The powers listed in the movie Push are interesting but I’d rather the same teleportation ability as Hayden Christensen in Jumper!

Push Movie Pictures

Movie Push - Science fiction MovieCheck some pictures of the sci-fi movie Push at:

Push Pictures

Push may sound like the movie Jumper, but according to IO9 this science fiction film is much better than one may expect: I really hope so!

Push Movie Teaser Poster

Sci-fi movies with people having telekinetic and other extra abilities must be trendy. Push is a such movie. Here below the first teaser poster of the movie Push:

Push Poster

Push Movie Poster

This poster is a bit weak: they wanted to make it mysterious I suppose, but it is just weak… Hope they will hurry to make a better movie poster for Push!


Push Movie Poster

Directed by Paul McGuigan
Starring Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans, Camilla Belle, Djimon Hounsou
Release date: february 6, 2009

More information at: Push Trailer