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Shadow Fighter Movie trailer

Shadow Fighter MovieHere’s the official trailer of Shadow Fighter, the latest action drama movie directed by Alyn Darnay based on a script he co-wrote with Steve Daron and starring Steve Daron, Burt Reynolds, Omar Brunson, Cristina Figarola, Michael Christopher Rodney, Chase Victoria, Shana Eva, Izzy Martinez, Miguel Suarez, Mitch Lemos, Dyah Ali Davis, Courtney Dlugos, Christopher Green, Steve Mocco, Todd Vittum, Tina Pfeiffer, Gene Picchi, Mike Calloway, James Hook, Scott Villanacci, Vanessa Villanacci, Blake Daron, Raul Colon, Adric Kennedy, and Karen Ross:

Plot synopsis:
“An inner-city teen pursues a homeless ex-boxer that came to his defense against ruthless drug dealers that killed his brother and are trying to drag him into their dark world. After years on the run, this talented boxer that wouldn’t sell out to the powerful underworld carries a burden that forces this existence. The teen wants the homeless man to teach him to fight so he can protect himself and his single social worker mother who doesn’t want to lose a second son to the streets.
The teen faces an inner-city status quo that leaves him with no good choices or options in life. Until that fateful day when the homeless ex-boxer and inner-city teens unlikely bond helps them face their future while fighting the tragedy from the past”

There are also two film posters:

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Shadow Fighter Movie PosterShadow Fighter Poster

Before you can fight for the future you have to face the past.

He will learn to fight and will rise against oppression!

Release date: March 5, 2019 (now available on all major VOD platforms).