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Shed of the Dead Movie trailer

Shed Of The Dead MovieYou may watch below the first official trailer of Shed of the Dead, the upcoming British horror comedy movie written and directed by Drew Cullingham and starring Lauren Socha, Michael Berryman, Brian Blessed, Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Ewen MacIntosh, Emily Booth, Penny Judd, James Fisher, Colin Murtagh, Julian Nest, Jamie Long, Evie Scott, Frank Jakeman, Warren Speed, Antony D. Lane, Spencer Brown, Filiz Fairweather, Finbarr Delaney, and Clare Lean:

Plot synopsis:
“An ‘urban fear’ grips the tenants of an inner city allotment when the long-predicted apocalypse finally arrives. Gardeners, of all levels of green-fingered ability and produce-preference, are afraid to venture onto their plots, especially late at night. And even then, when they can summon enough courage to so do, there is no safety in numbers. For the dead have risen from the depths beneath the cabbage patch, and the rows of sweet pea, hell bent on mischief, mayhem and consumption of the living.
Only the nimble fingered ‘figurine war-gamer’ Trevor, aka ‘Casimir the Destroyer’, and his best friend Graham, the knightly ‘Sir Brandt’, stand between the devilish hordes of undead and the salvation of mankind – well at least in their alter-ego fantasies they do. Until, of course, one dark night as they look beyond the confines of Trevor’s little wooden shed, they discover that the world has truly fallen into the hands of the undead – particularly Trevor’s allotment tenant neighbors. Now Trevor must venture into the unknown to save his wife, Bobbi, and her ‘capricious’ friend Harriet, from a world gone to chaos. And in so doing, become the hero he has always fantasized he was.”

There’s also a film poster, take a look below:

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Shed Of The Dead Movie Poster

None shall pass.

Alive inside honestly!

A Drew Cullingham film.

Do you think you’re ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse?

The release date of the movie Shed of the Dead is set to May 20, 2019 (UK release on VOD).

Stay tuned with us for more details.