Showdown in Manila

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Showdown in Manila Movie Trailer

Showdown In Manila FilmHere’s the movie trailer of Showdown in Manila, the latest action adventure movie directed by Mark Dacascos based on a script by Craig Hamann and Alexander Nevsky and starring Alexander Nevsky, Casper Van Dien, Mark Dacascos, Tia Carrere, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Matthias Hues, and Maria Bravikova:

Plot synopsis:
“Private detectives Nick (Alexander Nevsky) and Charlie (Casper Van Dien) live and work in Manila. A murder investigation leads them to the jungle camp of an international terrorist called The Wrath. Not trusting the police, Nick and Charlie assembly a team of daredevils to walk straight into the Wrath’s lair and fight an army of his goons.”

There are also a few posters:

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Showdown In Manila Russian PosterShowdown In Manila Movie Poster

For those who don’t know: Manila is the capital of the Philippines.

Release date: January 19th, 2018 (in theaters and on VOD).